CleanRevolutions™ is a multi-faceted program targeted toward providing the assistance and mentoring required by technologists to maximize their success in product conception and commercialization.  It is intended for those who aspire to be leaders in clean technology and for those with ideas or technologies and looking for guidance in product commercialization.  CleanRevolutions is the new spin on management consulting.

Incubator programs have been shown to yield an 87% success rate as opposed to only a 44% success rate for firms starting without any help.  Our program provides many of the same benefits of incubator programs at a significantly lower cost and a far greater capacity.


Program Facets:

  1. Education Program: 16 4-Hour Sessions
  2. Virtual Boardroom
  3. One-on-One Consulting
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Education Program

The core of this program is a 16-session education program consisting of both in-person and online sessions.  Each is typically 4-hours long with 9 in-person and 7 online sessions scheduled.  Online sessions are presented in real-time and utilize an online meeting service allowing slides and media to be shown to all participants, audio/video lecture and presentation from both the presenter and participants, and discussion via audio and text communication amongst the class.

The Course Detail page provides a specific agenda and set of learning objectives for each session within the program.  The presentation of material will be constructed in such a way to be relevant to specific projects, ideas, and the participant’s background as learned in our pre-course interview and admission process.  The idea is that real-world examples are used and class discussions are held that help those who have specific needs to be able to benefit from the exact way the course is presented and from the collaborative discussion.

Some sessions may include invited guest speakers and participants from both the industry and potential funding channels.

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Virtual Boardroom

The virtual boardroom is a portion of each session that allows group discussion on specific needs, questions, and projects within the group.  The intent is to replicate what would typically occur in a corporation where project teams meet together to plan and strategize a particular product or technology.  In many small firms, the internal teams are small and often lack the experience and breadth that are available from management consulting firms and the other program participant’s.  As a result, this element of the program allows you to gain valuable insight specific to your needs that leverages what CleanRevolutions and the other participant’s can bring to the table.  This is an extremely cost effective way of gaining knowledge, experience, and advice without the need to hire an expensive consulting firm.

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One-on-One Consulting

Each participant in this program is entitled to 4 hours of individual consulting with CleanRevolutions.  During this time, you will be able to ask questions, discuss ideas and strategy, and ultimately leverage a micro-consulting engagement.  The specific structure and logistics to these meetings will be individualized based on your specific needs.  This consulting time may be broken into several smaller meetings and may occur both in-person and virtually.  Each participant is permitted to bring 2-3 other employees or partners with them to these meetings, as well.

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